5 content distribution approaches that make you a boss in 2018

March 26, 2018
Content Distribution

Content is the main thing with which the SEO professionals and digital marketers revolve around to get top SERP rankings, drive more internet traffic, generate leads, etc. The base reason is both search engines and people love quality contents.

It is well known that writing contents just to promote a brand, or for the sake of content creation does not bring any tractions for your SEO campaign. It requires quality and delivers an information to the audience who read it.

If you are struggling to get ROI even after writing tons of quality contents and publishing them online, you have to look to repurpose your content and different content distribution methodologies.

What is the need to repurpose contents?

As the internet platforms have been proliferated, it is wise to take advantage of all those platforms.

Some people are interested in watching videos. But they have less interest in reading articles in blogs. If you write tons of blog posts and published them, the chances are lesser the blog post reaches the audience who are interested in reading articles. They may simply ignore your post.

To overcome situations like this, you need to repurpose or give multiple dimensions to your content.

With the content you create, you can create a video content, SlideShare presentation, etc. By making those also go online, it is sure that you can reach a new audience, get backlinks from them, gain their trust and most importantly, get a much online reputation.

Content distribution methodologies

After spending a lot of time, you have created a valuable and informative content. Now you have to do more with that content to extend the content’s reachability. Distributing the content in different ways is the key to extend the boundaries to reach a wider audience.

There are 3 different types of content distribution which are as follows:
Paid content distribution
Advertising campaigns which require payment to distribute our contents. Ex: PPC advertising, Social media ads.

Owned content distribution
The online platforms with which you have the full control to share your content comes under this category. Ex: blog posts

Earned content distribution
This is achieved by getting trust and reputation from other influencers. Example: Testimonials, Reviews provided by third party people.

In this post, we have explained 5 different content distribution approaches that belong to owned content distribution methodology. Experts predict these techniques will help digital marketers to get fruitful results.

Content Marketing


1. Video Content Sharing

Recent stats show that around 1.3 billion people from 90 countries watch youtube videos. People in the age range of 18-49 would like to spend their time on youtube.
By making an awesome & uploading on youtube offers you a golden key to open the door that stands between you and your target audience.

There are many online tools like Content Samurai are available on the internet, you can repurpose your content in a smarter way by entering it into the tool and adding certain multimedia elements.
Besides youtube, you can also use video sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vidmax, Viddler and much more to publish the video dimension of your content.

2. Convert the blog post to E-book

We hope that you may see some sites present E-books as a reward once you sign up the site to receive newsletters. It would be pleasant if you presented such an e-book to your readers. Agree?

With online tools like eBookBurn, Designrr, Bloxp and others, you can effectively turn your blog posts into a stunning E-book.

This approach provides a way to share the e-books in document sharing sites from which you can get backlinks and add value to your SEO actions.

3. Turn your content into Slideshare Presentation

Presentation of a lengthy content along with attractive images, stats as different slides empower you to express the things in an impressive manner. It also enables the viewers to easily observe the points you tell.

Microsoft Powerpoint is the popular tool used to create such presentations. You can also use tools like prezi to make dazzling presentations.

Once you finished the presentation, then you can submit that in online presentation sites like Slideshare.net
Here is the list of popular online sites which helps your SlideShare presentation to get online presence:

Speaker Deck
Office Sway

4. Infographics

Similar to Slideshare, Infographics also help the content writers to exhaust their information in a visually appealing manner.

If your content has a large number of statistics and data, then building infographics will be the prime way to repurpose the content.

Some companies hire web designers to design infographics. Online tools like Canva and Visme empower people with basic design knowledge to design infographics.

5. Build a Podcast/Audio file

Some people prefer audio contents rather than read with a blog post or view that with infographics, video. Making a podcast which holds the speech form of information and data you mentioned in your content will help you to reach that audience.

As there are many podcast sharing sites like Buzzsprout, Soundcloud that host the audio files free of amount, you can use these sites.


Besides these, it is wise not to avoid using emails and social media sharing to distribute your content. They are still effective and powerful to make your content to reach right people and other influencers.

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