6 Awesome tricks that influence video marketing in 2018

May 31, 2018

Visual contents help the audience to understand what the content is about in an efficient manner. As people love to watch videos, many organizations have invested in Video marketing to catch the attention of the audience.

Most of the internet users have begun to spend more time on video sharing sites. This empowers videos to drive more internet traffic to a website. Besides these, videos provide a versatile platform for digital marketers to accelerate their content’s reachability. Hence internet marketing professionals like to incorporate “Video Content Marketing” in their online marketing campaign.

Creating more interactive & engaging videos, sharing those on platforms like Youtube is the base thing which is done by most people for branding with videos.

Many advanced features and new launches brought by organizations, especially social media channels have made an impact on video marketing strategies. Such changes will continue this year and also in the coming years. It is time to tune ourselves with the latest video marketing trends to assure the campaign’s success.

Here we have listed 6 things that are essential trends for 2018 and help video marketers to attract more audience.

Video Marketing 2018


1. Create Square format videos
Landscape videos had been influencing since the evolution of television advertisement. But with the arrival of Instagram stories and Snapchat videos, people would like to prefer square videos. Facebook also recommends its users to post square videos and give more space for square videos in the notification area.

The base reason behind this is 1:1 video formats (Square Videos) are highly apt for mobile devices when compared to 16:9 video format (Landscape videos). Similarly, the squared videos have the same height as width. Hence the viewers need not to adjust the video dimension or position to view it in full screen.

Recent studies show that around 67% people like square videos and such 1:1 format videos are highly powerful to get user engagement.

2. Transcript your videos
Transcription is termed as the text version of all the words spoken in a video. It is one of the best ways to get more user engagement for our videos as it enables the viewers to understand what your video reveals without audio.

We are not sure regarding the environment where people see our video. They may view it in a louder place. Some viewers may be deaf or hearing impaired. By providing subtitles, we can make them stay longer with our video and chances are higher they will watch until the video end.

Besides user engagement, video transcription helps our SEO campaign. Transcription files help the search engine spiders to detect the optimized keywords included in the file. This makes the robots to show the videos as result of people’s query relevant to the video.

3. Live Streaming
Nowadays, people love live videos more than recorded videos. With live videos, people can get the opportunity to watch an action or event in real time. This makes them more exciting.

Following the great success of Facebook live, other social media sites including Twitter, Instagram and Shanpchat also offer the feature of live videos. As the platforms available to stream your videos live, take the diversified platforms for your branding.

If your business is small or medium-sized, this approach is more apt for you. You can post live videos like training on your products, live videos of events, conversation videos on your business/ products.

4. Don’t forget the Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories
Telling stories by collaborating images, videos, text and other elements engage the viewers. You may see the story feature on Instagram. We have also explained this feature is essential for Instagram marketing in our previous post.

If you want to engage people with cost-effective and interesting videos, then you can use this feature to get the people’s attention.

Following the success of this feature in Instagram and SnapChat, Online channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and Medium also adopt this feature. This shows that how much this feature is liked by internet users.

5. Explainer Videos
Explainer Videos – one of the exceptional ways to tell about your business and services, giving a demo of your products, etc. Unlike other videos, people give more importance for this kind of videos because explainer videos deal with a problem, includes solutions and demonstrations from specialists, industry experts (like you) while viewers are having a visual experience.

Hence they will feel it as a great value for their time instead of just time pass.

Initially, such explainer videos require an expensive budget to make crystal free visuals. But now with the vast development of technology, it is cost-effective to create such videos with smartphones.

6. Take into account the new arrivals
Gaining attention and success are for people who keep a focus on latest arrivals. Video marketing is not an exception to this.

Here we have mentioned three well-known platforms which introduce new video-based features:
• Facebook Watch
• Quora
• Pinterest
Facebook Watch – The video sharing platform launched by Facebook. Experts predict that it will be a strong competition for Youtube in the upcoming years.
Quora – One of the famous question and answer platforms has now provided the facility to post answer videos.
Pinterest – The highly acclaimed social media channel also empower the users to pin videos along with photos. As the video pins in Pinterest are increasing every year, it will mark a certain reach in this 2018. Hence it is wise to adopt it for your video content marketing.

The increasing number of videos for branding in the recent years shows how video contents influence the online marketing world. By integrating these 6 things while creating video contents and publish them on the internet, it will add more value to your video marketing campaign.

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