6 tips for website designers to design Search Engine Friendly Websites

March 27, 2018

All your efforts to design website and bring it online becomes void until it is not get identified by people in Search Engine Result Pages. It is inevitable for websites to be branded with SEO to get a better place in SERP which in turn drives traffic and leads.

If you are eager to brand your website with SEO, then this is for you.

To get the benefits of SEO for your website, implement the SEO efforts in the stage of designing your website because website design affects SEO.

When it comes to SEO-friendly websites, the web designers have to pay attention to certain things along with responsive design, faster loading time. What are they? Let us see.

SEO friendly Websites


1. Colors in Web design

Similar to designing, the color you choose for your website or themes is very important for SEO. The base reason is colors and different color combination help a website to provide a better user experience that is vital for search engine optimization.


Colors have some psyched effects with us. We can take advantage of using such colour psychology by incorporating appropriate colors to our website design.


Beginning from choosing a right colour after examining the effect it, consider the following things:

• Make sure it is a corporate colour.
• Adjust the brightness to make it not to look too bright or too dim
• Maintain a contrast in colours for different aspects like buttons, sliders, etc.

Remember that colours on a web page are empowered to build confidence and enhance usability. These will help us to boost SEO in an indirect manner.

2. Image SEO

Adding images in websites help the web pages more visually appealing which results in better user engagement. We have to give importance in adding images that relevant to the web page. Then add a suitable title, caption and other required information for the image.

Compress the image Size without reducing its quality of looking.

Add suitable alt tag for images. Using selected keywords as alt tags are the right option to optimize the image for search engines.

3. Be careful in using Flash Technology

Adding multimedia elements using the Flash Technology may affect your website’s SEO friendliness. The search engine spiders cannot read such media elements. This is why we are using alt tags for images which was seen in the previous section.

The chances are higher the Google robots ignore the flash elements in a website. If you would like to use flash media components on your web page, it is wise to apply that for extra aspects and in a minimum size as it would not affect your rankings.

4. Pay attention to Site Structure

Websites in which the web pages are efficiently organized (i.e.) having better site structure helps the users to find the information they need without any difficulty.

Such organized website structure helps the search spiders to get better crawlability on a website. This helps a website to get better indexing in Search Engines.

By building links between the individual web pages of your website, we provide a way for search engines to easily crawl different pages of our website (i.e.) better site crawlability.

5. Content blocks

If your website has pages with contents that are available to only users who are enforced to pay the amount, register their email address, filling the form and others, then you may rethink to remove those content blocks.

Such blocked access prevents users from visiting the page will affect your website’s search engine rankings. Hence it is better to remove such content blocks.

6. Provide Optimized URLs

As Google reads the words used in our URL, we can use our target keywords in our website URL. This will drive a positive response to our SEO campaign.

Use hyphens to separate the words or phrases in URL instead of underscores.


As years pass by, the website designing trends keep changes. But the impression and credibility we gain from Search Engines provide long-term results more than we expect.

We suggest website designers to focus on both latest web designing trends and designing aspects to make the websites a search engine friendly.

Besides website owners, you can also get benefitted with this approach as your designing works are going to be viewed by millions of people via search engines.

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