7 Essential Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

March 28, 2018
Instagram Marketing

Social media presence is essential for every organization to build their brand. If you would like to brand your business with social media marketing, then you should not ignore Instagram.

The internet channel has an average of 500 million active users and an approximate of 1 billion images are shared every month. Around 50% of the Instagram users are interested in looking for brand images. Most people visit websites or buy products online after seeing the images, stories shared on Instagram.

These stats show that this is the right platform to build & grow our audience base and add value to our SEO efforts. It is sure that the efforts you put to brand a business/product with Instagram will not remain null or void.

Hence it is time for every digital marketer to incorporate Instagram marketing as a part of their online marketing campaign.

Here is the list of tactics for successful Instagram marketing:

Instagram Marketing


1) Create a Business account

If you would like to use Instagram for your business, then you should create a business account on Instagram.

creating a business account on Instagram is very simple. Once you create your Instagram account, complete other required actions like setting the right photo for your profile photo and adding the Instagram bio. Don’t forget to provide a link to your website in the bio section.

Now go to settings and choose “Switch to Business Profile”.

Note: You should have a facebook business page to use switch your Instagram to a business account.

This helps you to get certain advantages. You are able to see the activity on your Instagram posts (Instagram insights), Instagram ads, contact button in your bio section.

2) Create Stunning Visuals

As visuals play a dominant role in making buying decisions, images are vital in branding and promoting actions like social media marketing. But in case of Instagram, images are very important because the platform is specially developed for sharing images.

Spend more time to create an attractive visual content. Use apps like Slow Shutter Cam to take long -exposure photos with high quality through your mobile.

Besides this, you can take advantage of apps like Afterlight, Tiny planet photos app to add effects to your images.

Otherwise, take advantage of tools like Phonto, Typorama to add value by adding text to your visual contents.

Remember the images should excite and stimulate the interest of the viewers. It is better to post seasonal and sensational images with a subject that do not push the audience to buy the product.

If you post such contents, it will return better user engagement. The chances are higher for the post will get a maximum number of likes and comments which are very important in Social Media Marketing.

3) Take advantage of the stories feature

Instagram Story is the wonderful option for people who cannot create better-looking images or images with aesthetics.

The stories feature allows us to post different types of contents like images, text, videos, live video, etc to create an interesting story that appears like a slideshow and WhatsApp status. Unlike regular posts, the stories are active or in online for only 24 hours. After that, the posts are deleted.

As there is no time limit for the story, you can add any number of posts as you want.

Another advantage relies on this feature is the stories are the stories appear on the top of the follower’s timeline in a single row. Hence they can see many posts of yours in a row.

4) Create the right Hashtag

Hashtags help Instagram users to organize their posts. With hashtags, people can easily get the images, videos and other posts posted by one or any organization.

When comes to branding, Hashtags are important. It provides a way for the audience to reach you with a word.

Following are important things to remember while using hashtags:

  • Use hashtags relevant to the images
  • Add hashtags that are relevant to your niche

In case of branded hashtags, it is better to use the caption or phrase you use in your business as your branded hashtag.

5) Add a call to action

Providing calls to action linking to our websites from other web pages will help you to get more visitors to your website.

This approach works efficiently on many social media platforms. Instagram is not an exception.

But Instagram allows us to provide only one link. That too in the bio section. Without links, how can we add calls to action? There is a simple trick.

When you post an image in your timeline along with your branded hashtag, Mention a thing like “Click the link in our bio section to get more details”. The user who gets excited about your visual content will definitely click the link.

6) Associate with influencers

Getting support from people who are very popular, having a large audience on Instagram will help you to do effective branding and reach a more new audience on Instagram.

Make sure the influencer is a reputable one in your niche. It is not enough to get support from people who have a large audience.

You may see in Instagram posts of many famous organizations post the snaps of celebrities wearing have shown the organization’s products. It is a kind of influencer Instagram marketing.

Another way to do such influencer marketing is by building a relationship with influencers by commenting their posts, share it in the account, link their post and others. Once the influencer gets befriended and trusts you, you can ask him/her to share your post on their account.

In case you make your image posted in their account, then the people who follow them also know your brand. They will trust you which in result in drives new leads and customers.

7) Get right time to post

Keep consistent in posting your contents on Instagram. But avoid posting frequently. It may aggravate your followers and audience.

If you want to post multiple images, then you may use the story feature to get audience attention.

Similarly, you need to schedule your timings to post. If we post contents at right time, then it will reach more people. Otherwise, our posts may reside in the feed and not get seen by people.

The right time to post 8-9 am and 7-9 pm. As it is a peak hour, many people see their social media notifications for the day at this time. Similar to this, most people return from their workplace and see their social networks in evening and night. In such cases, the chances are less that your followers will not miss any of your posts.

After posting for a while in Instagram, analyze your posts’ activities in Instagram insights. It will help you to understand & get the right days and timings to reach more audience.


Putting your efforts to promote your business on Instagram is a wise choice. It is not enough to spend your time in creating images, branded hashtags and finding influencers for Instagram marketing.

We recommend you to keep track of the growth, engagement rates acquired by your Instagram posts to assure your Instagram marketing is one the right way.

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