At Harvee Designs, it’s more like artists in a studio. We team our resources and brainstorm to deploy an artistic flair. We create engaging, attractive and quality-filled websites that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We know that in today’s competitive world, our customers have to be geared to meet challenging targets and should be on par with global standards. Harvee Designs goes into depth to understand the needs of their clients and focuses on creativity to bring in a visual impact to deliver unique websites. We have channeled our artistic talent to conceptualize websites which would invite users around the world to extend the duration of their visit and become buyers instead of browsers.



In giving customers solutions tailored to respective needs, the team at Harvee Designs is constantly innovating to add value and top-notch quality to websites. We have sustained our position as a branding and website development company with innovation as the key factor. This is one of reasons why we have managed to stay ahead of our peers and the ever-changing technology scenario. We are always on the lookout for novel ideas and concepts that would give our clients new opportunities to develop their businesses.

Code to the Best


Ensuring the best way for fast saving and coding, Harvee Designs has deployed coding standards which allows developers to swap codes between the team for better support. This also helps the customer to transfer or share the code with ease. Code sharing enables developers to save, organize and archive in a quick manner so that the work progresses in a speedy manner.

User Friendly


A user-friendly website uses easy navigation for better results. Harvee Designs analyzes and focuses on an effective method to project the customers’ needs so that visitors can find what they are looking for with ease. This would accelerate conversion rates depending on the design of the website. Harvee Designed Websites display efficiency as our team understands the working of conversion rates and offer a compelling design with flexible navigability to draw a heavy stream of traffic.

Audience View


Harvee Designs places utmost importance on the target audience. With a series of methods and tools, the company analyzes and determines the requirements of the target audience. According to the needs of the customer and the potential traffic, Harvee Designs builds websites with creativity that would appeal with an eye-catching concept. We ensure a strategic marketing module that would convert visitors with well-placed information and vibrant design.

Return on Investment


As a great investment, websites are ideal for selling products and services. At Harvee Designs, we realize the uniqueness of each client and project their needs with creativity, strategy and efficiency. While placing great importance on return of investment for our clients, we concentrate on strategized plans that would help in converting potential visitors to buyers. With careful planning and continued website analysis, we offer well-built websites that reflect the tastes of the target audience with a view to giving our clients the advantage of ROI.



Harvee Designs offers their resources to enhance strategic brand building for awareness and to leverage trust. In order to create involvement of potential customers and the general public at large, Harvee Designs specializes in online brand building to increase revenue as well as carve a niche with a powerful impact. Since brands are identifiable, we reflect the design to display value and the promise of the product so that people can recognize and distinguish what the brand is trying to communicate. Harvee Designs impresses the power of online branding with competitive design that has market influence and which signals a consistent message of solidity, individual identity and the value of quality.

Search Engine Optimization


Harvee Designs specializes in providing the power tool of Search Engine Ranking. As the most effective and efficient way to reach a huge audience, Harvee Designs builds websites with the benefits of being easy-to-use, easily navigable and by using coding standards that are search engine friendly. Our team comprises of a special module with Google certified professionals who analyze and determine the best ways to leverage the site. We keep the end user in mind as the target market is important for ROI as well as being useful for referrals. Harvee Designs places much emphasis on creative designing and coding which helps the search engine find and rank the website.