5 content distribution approaches that make you a boss in 2018

March 16, 2018

Content is the main thing with which the SEO professionals and digital marketers revolve around to get top SERP rankings, drive more internet traffic, generate leads, etc. The base reason is both search engines and people love quality contents.
It is well known that writing contents just to promote a brand, or for the sake of content creation does not bring any tractions for your SEO campaign. It requires quality and delivers an information to the audience who read it.
If you are struggling to get ROI even after writing tons of quality contents and publishing them online, you have to look to repurpose your content and different content distribution methodologies. (more)

Hiring an SEO Company? What to expect from Their Expert Team

September 19, 2017

Businesses getting conversions from the associated websites are often found facing setbacks with lower conversions and traffic to the website. Even when you are offering highly valuable services or products to a specific target audience, you will not get the success you expect if the audience cannot easily find your business website online. Not getting the expected success from the business website or loss of business sales with time are the common reasons why business owners plans to invest in SEO services. Availability of budget to be utilized for the SEO services, but not the time makes them hire reputable SEO companies for business benefits.


3 Simple Questions to Ask While Choosing a Web Designer

September 15, 2017

For business marketers dealing with clients to sell web design services, success means signing up the deal with these clients. These marketers want the prospective clients to choose them. But it has also been found that these clients just focus on their specific project related needs. They do not think of asking more questions than required.

In a project related communication with the team of a web design company, it is also important that you get to know about the business of the company you are planning to hire. You should seek information about the work culture and ideas followed by the company professionals. Understanding the approach they follow to tackle web design related challenges will help you make a wise choice.


What does site architecture means to SEO

What Site Structure Means to SEO?

July 15, 2015

What do you think the site architecture means to SEO? It is the way the pages are linked together.
It is often seen as an SEO tactic and the task is left to the website designer to figure out what to place where on the site. To have control on what you want your users to view on your website.

Site architecture is the information architecture is basically about how the pages are linked together. In the way as a site owner gives links to the other pages with a navigational structure to tell the users and the search engines which pages are important as well as those which are not significant, note that the pages seen as unimportant to the owner. It is in a way to convince the search engines that certain pages need not be shown much often.


Performing Keyword Research

Performing Keyword Research

July 14, 2015

Here, we will be researching keywords for a site called InformDoc which gives information on courses for the dentists offered by the leading dental academies.

The goal of the site is to furnish information regarding the courses and options to purchase them online.
The first step in the keyword research process is brainstorming keyword phrases. I have already brainstormed the keywords that relate to this site. Certainly, I have sorted out the phrases which mostly I will be typing on the website.


Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research Process

July 13, 2015

There are 7 steps in finding the right keyword process.






Determine Competitiveness

Choose the keyword phrases

1. Brainstorming Keywords:

To get started with brainstorming the keywords, you should think about “Who your target market is?”


Significance of Title Tags in SEO

June 3, 2015

A title represents a webpage of a particular website when a user enters a query with related keywords. It is one of the main basis to obtain high page rank and user traffic.


A website as known is a set of web pages that put on view a variety of contents either dynamically or statically. Every single one will contain a title tag. This could be a habitual practice like giving a name to an entity; still the fact is that a webpage is tagged under a particular title.


The Benefits of a Mobile Website

October 7, 2013

Did you know that according to Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update that by the end of 2013 the number of people on planet earth will be exceeded by the number of mobile-connected devices? One does have to keep up with modern technology to be able to adapt to a fast-growing world which is full of opportunities. How do business owners benefit by this? This consumer revolution can be capitalized on by companies by moving into the mobile-centric arena as app developers, social networks and tech companies are quickly changing their business models to accommodate the modern, new breed of mobile-centric customers. (more)

Focusing on the Myriad Aspects of Design

September 11, 2013

Design fundamentally exists in all things. It is manifest in several aspects and is tangible once perceived. Design is a powerful medium and only if success can be anticipated will the design take root and be formed to bring in the necessary appreciation. This formula applies to all types of design and especially on the web. (more)

Use Innovative Strategies to Market Your Dental Practice

July 20, 2012

Are you ready to showcase your dental practice with a popular approach? Do you want to offer your skill and knowledge to more and more patients? One of the best ways to market your dental practice is to use the social media approach. As many dentists are taking an innovative path to advertising their business, it’s time to be in a place where your future patients are and where you find a place to mix business with the techniques for connecting, meeting and mingling. Post your profile on Twitter, get a Facebook account and explore other social media networks including YouTube and Linkedin that can boost your revenue besides mapping your skills and practice with a versatile outlook. (more)

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