Networking makes the World Go Round

Do you want to carve a niche with your services or products around the globe? Do you want to make your online presence felt? One of the most effective ways to get attention and advertise your products or services is through Social Media Marketing. As a reliable platform for advertising, social media promotes marketing with efficient communication and direct feedback.

Creating interaction among people and communities, social media marketing leverages sharing, creating and exchanging information. Depending also on web-based and mobile technologies, social media has structured a platform which is both interactive and interesting. Acquiring attention and traffic with word-of-mouth strategies, social media can be used through various channels that would result in earned media unlike paid media.

Social Media Creates a Unique Platform for Promotion

Social Media Marketing

Promoting freedom with exchange of ideas and opinions, social media is a great platform for creating a unique identity for brands. Opening out a congenial environment to discuss and improve the image of a company and its brand, social media is a perfect solution where the PRs of a company can absorb various opinions that would improve the branding process. Marketers can analyze, search and track conversations on social media sites with social media monitoring tools.

Driving campaign tracking and PR management into functional modes, these tools help the company or the user to ascertain the quantity and quality of ROI. With the changing face of technology and user-friendly methods, companies and businesses can capitalize on a range of tools, some of which are basic and free applications with the others being subscription and high level based. With the popularity of mobile social media, people and communities have taken to creating and exchanging user-generated content. Being different to traditional social media, mobile social media which is used through mobile devices depends greatly on time and location sensitivity.

Based on the factors of time sensitivity and location sensitivity, mobile social media applications can be supported by slow timers, quick timers, space locators and space timers for easier accesibility. Carrying on the function of creating and exchanging communication to leverage marketing of products and services, mobile social media has grown from strength to strength and has leveraged interaction.

Explore the Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There are several reasons as to why marketing should be done through social media. It is important to note there are that over 800 million active Facebook users around the globe. It is recorded that over 60% of online customers are more inclined to buying services and products from businesses. There are over 250 million Twitter users who are active around the world. Over 65% of videos are watched on YouTube. After Google, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine. This has resulted in the growth of users to over 60%. More than 85% of businesses use social media for marketing. Blogging has grown in leaps and bounds and has promoted marketing. Over 63% of the world’s population has access to social media.

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