Performing Keyword Research

July 14, 2015
Performing Keyword Research

Here, we will be researching keywords for a site called InformDoc which gives information on courses for the dentists offered by the leading dental academies.

The goal of the site is to furnish information regarding the courses and options to purchase them online.
The first step in the keyword research process is brainstorming keyword phrases. I have already brainstormed the keywords that relate to this site. Certainly, I have sorted out the phrases which mostly I will be typing on the website.

  1. Courses for dentists
  2. Dental Courses
  3. Endodontic courses
  4. Orthodontic courses
  5. Cosmetic dentistry courses
  6. Implant Training courses

For this site, I need to categorize the keywords I have listed above such as:


  1. Endodontics – Endodontic Courses
  2. Orthodontics – Orthodontic Courses
  3. Cosmetology – Cosmetic Dentistry Courses
  4. Implantology – Implant Training Courses
  5. Dental Academies – Courses for Dentists, Dental Courses

Now, I need to find more relevant phrases which relate with the categorized keywords using the Google Keyword Research Tool

This tool provides two ways to generate keywords,

  • Enter the website’s URL and targeted location to find new keywords for your site
  • Enter the brainstormed keywords in the box to obtain more site-related keyword phrases

Google Keyword Planner

The idea of using the Google Keyword Planner is to come up with many keyword phrases than what we had in the beginning. From the keyword options choose “only show ideas closely related to my search terms” This will show only the related and significant keywords.

Choosing relevant keyword using Google Keyword Planner

Choose the keywords which probably have more search results than the other. Certainly, you should know to analyze to match the keywords’ search results, competition and suggested bid to have an optimized Adwords result.

I will write a brief article on the analysis of choosing competitive and profiting bids. Thus, this article should provide you an idea of how to obtain well-researched keywords for your site

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